Microsoft, Germany.

Philip worked on all films for the Public Affairs Department and supported political events in Berlin for the American software company.

Mounting Systems, California. Florian, Philip and Jochen

develop the Corporate Design, create the new Website, several References Mags and work out the concepts for the Trade Fairs.

IG Metall, Germany.

Florian and Philip worked for the board level management on two major Member Development Projects for the biggest Union worldwide.

RTL II, Germany.

Philip helped the innovative TV Channel to better target the young generation.

AHK, Nigeria.

Philip developed concepts for conferences and new Targeting Approaches for the Nigerian location of the German Foreign Trade Chamber.

Timber Tower, Germany.

Florian and Philip created the Website, Presse Releases, the Claim, the Trade Show concepts for the former energy company.

Vireq, Switzerland.

Jochen, Florian and Philip work on the Corporate Design and Website of the german e-Health software developer.

Pikon, Europe.

Philip and Florian worked on the Mission and Vision of the software developer and SAP Partner.

Roland Berger, Germany.

Philip and Florian assisted Roland Berger with the creation and organization of the Equal Pay Day conference in Brussels.

Sparkasse, Germany.

Florian and Philip worked on the Content Marketing event for physicians.

Uebel & Gefährlich, Germany.

Jochen develops the Corporate Design and Media for the club and concert hall in Hamburg. 

One, Germany.

Philip and Florian analyzed the campaigning efforts of Best Practice campaigns for the German Chapter of the globally operating NGO.